A proper garden design breaks down the barriers between the interior and exterior of your home. A garden in 2015 can be stylish without sacrificing function. Give some of these trends a trial run this spring.

Edible Gardens

Combining your garden with fruits and vegetables is one of the top trends this year. Blended gardens create a sense of intrigue and energize the garden bed. Colorful fruits and veggies add ornamental decoration to a bed that is already brimming with beautiful flowers. For less conspicuous edibles, blend in some basil, fennel, sage, and succulents. If you really want your garden to pop, implement some raspberry bushes and chili peppers.

Artistic House Numbers

In the past, homeowners didn’t view house numbers as a form of decoration, and instead saw them as a necessary addition to the home. House numbers now set the tone for the front entry and the entire establishment. Gilded house numbers are made of silver, gold, or copper that are alluring and look fantastic on a common townhouse. Hand-chiseled stone numbers formed from marble or granite are a formal, classy option. If you have something more creative in mind, try molding some clay into numbers and installing them yourself.

Fire Pits

A well-designed fire pit can be a focal point for your backyard. As a gathering place, they provide entertainment for friends and family; there’s nothing quite like sitting under the stars with your loved ones around a fire enjoying nature. If you want to extend your party space to the outdoors, a fire pit will fit the bill. Marshmallows and kabobs can be cooked over a fire pit. Fire pits also add value to your home, should you ever decide to sell it.

Portable Gardening

Renters may want to avoid more permanent garden fixtures and invest in something portable. Portable gardening is ideal for anyone with limited space. Raised garden beds can be placed on casters so you can easily reorganize a garden or find the perfect sunspot. Rolling plant stands are available that you can wheel inside during the winter months. For something a little craftier, build a tiny garden in an old, rustic wheelbarrow.

Accessorize with Bamboo

Bamboo is making a name for itself this year. Cloches woven with bamboo can protect your garden during the winter from the climate and pesky animals. Bamboo cloches are aesthetically soothing and minimal. Canopies made of bamboo can either be purchased or created on your own. These canopies help with shade and bring in a gentle breeze. Bamboo fences composed of bundles offer security and a natural look.


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