landscaping ideasThe Chinese ancient art of outdoor landscaping and positioning objects in a garden, including garden rocks, bridges, plants, furniture and garden accessories is based on a belief in the patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that generate positive and negative effects. Good Feng Shui design creates a peaceful and eco clean place.

1.    The house, backyard, and garden should be protected from negative environmental impacts, and should therefore have a natural barrier for privacy and protection. Your backyard or garden should be surrounded by a natural fence that reduces wind, noise and air pollution.

2.    Good Feng Shui landscaping ideas should include elements that help create a sense of comfort and security. Rock gardens, stone walls and large rocks are great ideas. Bushes and trees combined with a natural or artificial fence is a great idea as well.

3.    The energy flow Qi, which is the life force in Feng Shui, is everywhere. Therefore, create open spaces with flowers, shrubs and small plants that allow the free flow of the life force.

4.    Create an open area in front of the house doors so the Qi energy can freely flow inside the house and around, bringing about positive changes. Do not plant large trees near the front door.

5.    The water element attracts chi energy that brings money into your home. A pond or swimming pool with water plants and gold fish, waterfall or fountain is necessary to Feng Shui design.

6.    Good Feng Shui landscaping design includes three elements: water, rocks and plants. Simple and decorative rock gardens are wonderful elements to add to your design. It can be an artificial barrier that reflect the negative energy and protect the house and garden.

7.    Plants and flowers also require attention. They will add colors and aroma to your backyard garden. Planting flowers, trees and shrubs in accordance with the Bagua color theory creates a balanced and harmonious design.

8.    Feng Shui practitioners recommend the use of white flowers that add a splash of fresh light color and aid in balancing monochromatic green garden design.

9.    Large trees should not be planted close to the house, as they trap their energy that flows into the house and send it to their roots. Trees and shrubs are great backyard landscaping ideas, and they make for a great natural fence that protects the front yard and backyard.

10.    Proportions are important in Feng Shui garden design. Trees that are very tall may destroy the harmony and balance in your garden. Plant trees and shrubs with a slight difference in height that is pleasing and interesting to the eyes.

11.    Garden furniture and attractive accessories make a garden more comfortable, inviting and personal. The sound of murmuring water soothes and calms, while bamboo chimes evoke pleasant memories that help relax.

A garden should be far from industrial sites and well protected from major roads, pollution and noise. Polluted places destroy the energy that brings good luck. Clean water and fresh breeze improve health and attract money.

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