Summer is a wonderful time of year. It’s warm and bright and encourages everyone to spend just a little more time outside. If you’re thinking of adding new landscape or just brightening what you already have, here are a few tips to help you.

1. Your home is your centerpiece

Your landscape should work in conjunction with the style color and materials of your house. Trees should work in this pattern and should frame it, not overpower it in terms of the design. Adding shrubs or flowers to create a welcoming approach to the front of a house can serve to focus the attention. Don’t just go for volume, look at depth as well and use a variety of plants to create curves and borders along the path.

2. Start from within and work your way out

Sit inside your house and look outward. Do you like what you see? What would make your view more appealing? Work to design your view so that you are as pleased inside as you are when you’re outside and can really appreciate the beauty of your yard.

3. Become one with your space

Take time to observe your yard throughout the day. It will look different depending on the angle, the weather and where the sunlight is falling at a particular time. Learn these patterns of light and design your landscape in congruence with them.

4. Choose wisely

Landscaping is an involved process and as you add up the cost of plants, time and materials it can become expensive quickly. Take time to compare pricing and shop around. If you can’t afford to do all your landscaping at once work with an expert in landscape design and installation to create a budget and a priority list.

5. Let there be light

Lighting is an integral part of any landscape installation. It’s not only beautiful, but is important for safety, especially around hard structures such as decks and patios. Good lighting will illuminate your path and will allow greater enjoyment of your yard once the sun has gone down.

If you’re wanting to add landscape and would like some advice and help in its creation, contact our office in Los Altos, CA to take advantage of our landscape design and

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