lawn care maintenanceThe Importance Of Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is very important for homes with lawns. After all, this is the first thing that people will see before they even enter their house so they can very well provide the first impression for your home. Lawn care maintenance is more than regularly cutting grass; you also need to do a little more. Here are some lawn care tips to help you out.

Different Tips Of Lawn Care

Do not cut your grass to short when you mow your lawn. You might not have to mow for a while if you cut it too short but it would be best to leave length on your lawn. There are lawns that do not grow good when they are cut too short. Longer grass is not very prone to frost and heat damage while the shadowing effect of too-long blades can promote the growth of weeds. Also, ensure that the grass is completely dry before you mow them. Mowing a damp lawn causes the soil to compact and leave unsightly cracks.

Feed A Hungry Lawn

There are some types of grass that need more than rain shower. Lawn care and maintenance also includes the application of fertilizer. Your plants might be able to fend for themselves but giving them a healthy dose of fertilizers will to their appearance and health. Lawn fertilizers are clean, safe to handle and easy to apply so you should be able to do it on your own. Many of these fertilizer formulations come with wetting agents to allow better water penetration into the soil. This should help reduce the need to irrigate your lawn, allowing you to save time and water all at the same time.

Do Not Drown A Thirsty Lawn

Your lawn care schedule can get tricky because of the ever changing and unpredictable weather. Downpours can flood the streets and lawns. Invest in getting your lawn aerated and cored to allow it to soak up rainwater and effectively disperse it in their roots, rather than creating puddles. Also, do not part your car, boat or caravan in your lawn. Such weight can make the soil compact which will act like a barrier to water. Along with this, if you are still preparing a new lawn, also make sure that all water flows away from low areas.

Weeds And Other Diseases

Remember that your lawn is a living thing; it can get pests and diseases that can compromise its health. When you lead these things go untreated, they can get worse and create a brown patch. Give your lawn a thorough run-through to spot weeds, diseases and pests that might be lurking in them. It is important that the problem is identified the soonest time possible so you can provide immediate care and prevent worsening the condition.

Get A Professional Lawn Care Company To Help You

While you can very well do lawn care maintenance on your own, perhaps it would be a good idea to get a professional to check the condition of your lawn once in a while. The expertise and experience of a professional lawn care maintenance company should help you have that green and perfect lawn.

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