When relaxing at home in the backyard, it helps to have the right furniture. Furniture should fit your landscape design and your lifestyle and should make you feel comfortable in the space. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Consider the following:

◾Is the lawn or patio covered?

◾Do you have a place for storing lawn furniture when it rains or is cold outside?

◾How many people do you plan on entertaining on average?

◾What’s your budget?

Consider Durability and Cost of Outdoor Furniture

These are crucial factors when considering outdoor furniture. Your furniture should be able to handle the seasons that accompany your geographic area.

Plastic furniture is cheap and is fairly immune to changes in climate. It is also often easy to store.

Aluminum offers many off the same features with a nicer, more polished look. However the price will be slightly more expensive than plastic.

Iron and wood furniture should be seen as an investment. It will cost more and will require more maintenance than plastic or aluminum, but will provide a nice look to any home.

Consider Maintenance

Iron will require regular painting in order to resist climate changes. However it will last indefinitely with proper care and will accommodate a wider range of guests regardless of size. Wood is similar in its need for oiling and staining.

Any of these options can be customized with cushions and decorations.

For more information on this and any other questions regarding landscape design and what is right for your space, contact our office today. We serve the entire region of Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Willow Glen California.

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