As sustainability and green living become more and more popular, composting is a word you hear more often and with good reason. Composting has a lot of great benefits such as reducing the amount of waste in landfills, cleaning and enriching contaminated soil, and reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilizer used in your gardening.

Many people are hesitant to begin composting because they think it is much harder than it actually is. To get started in composting, you only need to know a little bit about composting bins and keep a few rules in mind as you go along.

Compost Bins

Pick a compost bin that fits your location. It needs to be close enough to the kitchen so that you can discard vegetable trimmings and eggshells into it. There are a few you can choose from as far as style is concerned. These range from enclosed bins, rolling bins to compost tumblers and worm bins. Your garden center expert can help you find the one that’s right for you.

What to Compost

Here are a few things that you can compost effectively.

Good things to compost include:

  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Grass clippings, yard trimmings
  • Tea bags, fruit and vegetables
  • Eggshells and nut shells
  • Dryer lint

You do not want to compost:

  • Meat or fish bones
  • Lard, grease or fats
  • Pet waste
  • Yard trimmings that have been treated with chemicals such as weed killer

If you’d like to know more about composting and how this can fit into your garden design, contact our offices in Los Altos, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Willow Glen, CA, and Los Gatos CA. Our landscape design and installation specialists can customize a solution that’s perfect for your garden and help you get started on the right track.

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