As you design your landscape, one of the important topics to consider is water conservation. Rainfall can’t be predicted or regulated and it’s important to have a plan for when there is less rain than what one might’ve hope for. Here are some tips to get you started.

Group plants

Various plants and shrubs have different needs than others. While some may need watering several times throughout the week, others may only need watered occasionally. For these types of plants, too much water could harm rather than help, so grouping these plants can help conserve water while extending the life of your plants.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Water can also be conserved when it comes to watering the lawn. A simple test may be used to tell whether or not a yard needs to be watered or if water may be conserved a little longer. Simply walk a few steps into your yard and look at the footprints that have been left. If the grass sprang back immediately, you can wait a little longer before watering. However, if the footprints remained in the grass, it may be time to watering. Also, leave the clippings to rest on the lawn after mowing. It will provide shade for the oil and prevent the water from evaporating as quickly.

Observe Water Flow

Check to make sure the sprinklers are pointed at your lawn and aren’t needlessly watering the pavement. Also regularly check for leaks and cracked pipes that could end up wasting water and harming your landscaping efforts.

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