If you want to add interest to your landscape while also limiting upkeep, a rock garden might be for you. It has the added benefit of being impenetrable by most weeds if setup correctly with landscaping cloth, gravel and rocks.

Getting started:

  1. Make sure not to place your garden over utilities, water, sewer or septic lines. If your rock garden contains plans, it typically requires several hours of full sunlight daily. If you’re simply going for a rock and gravel layout, you can place the garden anywhere.
  1. Landscaping cloth may be used for weed control. Rocks and gravel placed on top of landscaping cloth will provide a barrier to weeds that attempt to sprout.
  1. Border edging may be used to define boundaries and assist with weed control.


Choosing landscaping stones for your rock garden


◾Boulders or large rocks: Scale the size of boulders or rocks according to the size of your garden. At least three boulders or larger rocks should be used for creating the eye and establishing a base for placing smaller rocks, gravel and plants.

◾Medium to small rocks can add texture: Select smaller rocks similar in scale to your large boulders or rocks. Try not to mix too many textures or colors of rocks; your goal is creating a theme that flows throughout the garden.

◾Gravel and mulch: Use this on the open space between larger rocks and plants. It can also be covered with decorative gravel. You can also use gravel or mulch for pathways to and within your rock garden.


Just because your rock garden can boast a lack of weeds, doesn’t mean it must be free of all plant life. You can add plants that are well suited to your climate’s resources and create an easy-maintenance, environmentally friendly yard.

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