Your front yard is your window to the world and is the face that you present for all to see. In real estate the call an attractive front, “curb appeal” and it is used to describe a landscape that is welcoming from a street view. Designing your landscape to provide year-round appeal doesn’t have to be difficult and can be done with low maintenance yet distinctive plants. Here are a few to consider.


Shrubs can be used to soften house corners and help to define the borders of a yard. Be careful that your shrubs are not too large as they will engulf the house and obscure rather than highlight. Borders can be made more distinctive by planting a variety of shrubs.


Perennials shouldn’t just fill a space, but should add punctuation to it. They should add some “pizzazz” to the yard in order to boost curb appeal. Whether they are planted along borders or near the sidewalk, they should lead the eye towards the front door.

Ground Cover

If you have a lawn in a dryer, more Mediterranean climate, you may consider artificial grass for some areas, but plants such as creeping red fescue or hard fescue may be used instead as these are slow growing and very tolerant of dry weather. They are easy to maintain and make a yard look neat and orderly.

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