a proper garden, while admittedly not nearly as difficult as creating it, is notoriously intimidating for those not particularly interested in gardening as a whole. One of Schroeder’s Garden Designs many services is revamping gardens to feature different types of stone and soil. Based on the focal point, your garden could have granite, marble, clay or any other material. Working with many different materials can be unusual for the layman unaccustomed to maintaining such a wide array of stone. But if your garden contains marble, you can instantly take 3-5 years off any type of marble using materials that can be found around the house.

Features commonly found in old world-style gardens are marble statues (visit our photo gallery to see some different types of gardens), which Schroeder’s Garden Design often provides. Unfortunately, however, those who have a marble statue in their garden for an extended period of time will often notice a thin layer of grime, dirt, and bird droppings forming on their (very expensive) and once pristine piece. Treating your statue with care will keep this from happening, but don’t worry- it isn’t difficult at all!

Take a soft bristle brush and gently scrub any debris from the statue. Make sure not to scrub too hard because this will cause cracks in the piece. Then, pour a little liquid dish soap in a bucket of warm water, dip a rag in it and wipe down the entire statue. The goal here is to get the entire piece wet; let this sit for 1 to 5 minutes. After the statue is dry, take the brush you used before and use the solution to gently scrub it down. If the water gets dirty, switch out new water and soap and continue. Finally, rinse the statue with clean water for noticeably cleaner marble. If difficult stains persist, Schroeder’s Garden Design can assist you. For more helpful tips and tricks, visit our website and check the left column for seasonal gardening maintenance tips.

At Schroeder’s Garden Design, you will receive professional and courteous assistance every step of your garden transformation, as well as guaranteed plants and irrigation for three years after installation. Call us (408) 761- 3064 today for a complimentary consultation!

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