Got pets? Don’t worry, just because you have a pet doesn’t mean that a nice garden is out of the question. Granted, some dogs can really tear up a garden, so there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind: paths, shade, plants, water and access in and out of the house. Here are a few landscaping tips to keep you and your furry friend happy.

Having a nice walking area like a pathway will make a pet happy. Here they can roam freely and you don’t have to worry about them playing near your more delicate flowers.

There are lots of tricks you can use in your garden to make it a dog (or pet) friendly yard.

  • Along your pathway, plant flowers and foliage that can withstand the roughhousing of your canine.
  • Stay away from harsher plants like cacti or thorny bushes, the spikes and thorns could injure them, especially if they are a pup or kitten and do not know any better.
  • Work with the spacing of your plants. For restricted areas to your pets, plant your plants closer together. This will help give your dog the distinction that closed areas are a “no” and open areas are free game.
  • Use pet-friendly plants. Do some research before buying and planting; there are some plants that can be harmful to cats and dogs if ingested.

Shade, shelter and water
Provide a nice area of shade to protect your pet from the sun. This can be done in the form of trees or whatever shady structure you decide to put up. Remember that dogs are territorial creatures so do give them a dog house that can stay in the backyard. Water, water, water is extremely important, especially in the hotter months. Some pets dehydrate faster than others so it is important to designate a watering hole.

Bonus tip – Add a digging patch! As you would provide a sandbox for kids, this designated digging station allows them to dig and bury without getting in trouble.

If you have any questions on how to design your garden for you and your pooch, give us a call. Schroeder’s Garden Design can help you design and execute the pet-friendly garden you and your four-legged family member deserve!

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