It is a hard decision to make between a real and faux Christmas tree. On one side, a real Christmas tree has the great aroma that fills the air and makes it feel like the holidays have truly arrived. On the other hand, going the faux tree route is much better for the environment as there is no cutting down trees and they can last upwards of ten years.

So what are we to do? What about a living Christmas tree? This happy medium has all the benefits of a real and a faux tree! Get the fresh pine scent in your home and continue the holiday tradition without having to cut down any real ones.

What is a living Christmas tree? A living Christmas tree is a potted or planted tree that can be transferred back to the tree lot or forest after the holidays.

Where can I get one? There are plenty of websites that offer rentals of living trees; an example would be Living Tree.  The way these rentals work is you simply pick the style you want and it gets delivered to your home. There is no need to put up with traffic or stand in long lines. Even better, after the holidays are through, they will pick up the tree for you.

Can I still decorate a living tree? Sure you can, there are only a couple of restrictions on decorating a living Christmas tree. Just don’t spray them with flock (fake snow) and don’t use oversized lights as they can burn the tree.  Other than that, proceed as you normally would.

How do I care for a living Christmas tree? Caring for your tree is easy, just a pint or two of water a day and make sure you don’t place it near or directly under a heating vent. Keep the decoration don’ts in mind are you are ready to rock the night away!

For more help with living trees or to get one in your yard, let us know! Schroeder’s Garden Design is happy to help.

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