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Schroeders Garden Design knows that most people wish they could have a landscaping that can transform their house into something new and refreshing. It’s not just for the rich anymore, either.  Installation of the best landscape design is possible for almost anyone, especially with the help from professionals. These people have been well trained, plus have a natural eye for detail. With taking a look at your yard, they can make almost anything work.

With these professional landscape designers from Schroeders Garden Design, there is a wide range of services to choose from. The people at Schroeders Garden Design believe that landscaping design is personal, so before anything else, you will have your first consultation with them.  They will ask you what you wish to achieve in your landscape design; do you wish to add to your budding garden, or perhaps create a whole new look for your yard? All it takes is your vision. And even if you don’t have something very specific in mind, Schroeders Garden Design can help you sort out your thoughts and telling you what would be ideal for your specific space just by a quick assessment.

Tips On How To Create Great Landscape Design

It’s great to assess your surroundings first. The climate of your area matters heavily on what types of vegetation you can include in your garden space. If you’re living in Los Altos, Sunnyvale, or Willow Glen, there is a very nice array of plants you can choose from to brighten up your garden, yard, or space.

For color, there are wildflowers that often give bright pops to all the green that might be surrounding your landscape design. With the Californian climate, you can have these blooming throughout most of the year. Trees are also a nice touch, and can add shade and flood protection to your surroundings. If you have enough space for them, two or three can become a great accessory. They will remain there for years to come, for as long as you’re willing to clean up the leaves. On Schroeders Garden Design’s website, we find that another popular addition to landscape design these days is vegetables. You can grow your own organic vegetables right in your backyard, and it will look fantastic. These serve a double function, of course. You can plant them for show, and then enjoy them in a salad afterwards. The climate of Palo Alto is great for such vegetable gardening.

And if you really want to go masterpiece on your landscape design, having a professional consultant from Schroeders Garden Design will also help you decide if it’s ok for the installation of ponds or fountains to make your yard seem like a paradise. But if you live in an urban area and don’t have a large garden space, a professional landscape design specialist can help you find a way to integrate wildlife into the space you have. You won’t even have to worry about where to get the plants; Schroeders Garden Design can have them delivered for you.

Visit Your Friendly Shroeders Garden Design Now

If you’re the person that loves to see a fresh garden, enjoys cultivating land, or simply takes pleasure in staying outdoors, all you need to do is hire a professional from Schroeders Garden Design to create a great area that contains your personal vision of the perfect landscape design.

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