Mowing Lawns Made Easy

Mowing lawns is the most prominent of every lawn care jobs. Proper lawn maintenance must be paid attention to so that your lawns will not lose its appearance and well-being. It does require a special skill when mowing the lawn. You simply have to know when is “too long” and when is “too short” to maintain the look of your grass. If the grass is cut too short it will not receive adequate nutrients which will result in deterioration and decrease of growth.

lawn maintenanceIf the grass is too long it will definitely make your site like a grassy field than a home.
Moving lawns likewise boost growth in the grass that will result to a thick lawn. It is actually good to trim grass during spring, autumn, and summer. It is actually advisable to cut whenever the grass is dry simply because the lawn mower cutter can work much better. If you trimmed grass during wet weather condition, it will just result to compact soil and muddy patches in your lawn as a result of the weight of your steps and the lawn mower.

Proper Lawn Maintenance

For lawn maintenance, it is not advised to mow the lawn during dry spells because it will impact the growth of the grass during “growth seasons”. It is difficult for the grass to establish once more in these areas. If the grass is not actively growing or there is decreased growth it is better to leave your lawn as it is.
How often you cut your grass is dependent on the type of grass you put in your lawn. Top quality grass that is actively growing can be cut after 3 days. While a much longer type of grass can be cut at least once a week. If you are busy and you miss out on your mowing schedule, you can adjust your lawn mower cutting height to the highest setting.

The recommended cutting height depends on the type of grass you have in your lawn. Bermuda grass is cut the least with 3/4 to 1 and 1/2 inches. In spring, autumn, and winter homes with the ornamental type of lawn the cutting height should at 0.75 cm and while in summer the grass must be cut 0.30– 0.50 cm only. For residences with utility lawns cutting height should be increased at 2– 2.5 cm during periods when the grass is quickly growing.
There be trimming down and outlining as finishing touches after mowing. Trimming and edging is comparable to a shave after having your hair cut. Apart from lawn mowers, there are edgers that prune the edges of the lawn. They make clean edges however the same time they leave grass trimmings.

After Mowing Lawn Care

Right after mowing lawns, when cleaning with grass trimmings do not put it in a plastic bag because in some states it is illegal to do this. It is believed that grass trimmings are good organic matter that is rich in nitrogen and other valuable nutrients. These will break down easily and then it will act as a fertilizer. It is a good lawn care practice to leave grass trimmings in the lawn when there is no more than 1/3 of it.

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