Have you ever wanted to broaden your gardening experience? To grow something different besides flowers? Well, if you’re looking for something unique (and delicious), consider growing your own herbs and vegetables. They’re come with their own challenges, but once harvest arrives, you’ll be rewarded with food for your table!

If you’d like to grow herbs and vegetables in your garden, here are some tips for you!

Consider Plot Size

This will determine how many of various vegetables you can plant. Be sure to plan carefully as you want to have all the produce you need to feed your family (and maybe some to give to friends and neighbors), but not so much that a large quantity goes to waste.

Pick Your Veggies

Now that you know how big of a garden you’ll have, you can decide which vegetables you’d like to plant. Be sure to take into consideration how much sunlight and water each will need when making your selection, then choose accordingly.

Don’t Forget the Herbs!

Herbs are a great asset and addition to any garden, especially when grown in conjunction with vegetables. Herbs will add a savory taste to your veggies and can be used in a variety of ways. They also smell divine and will prove to be an asset in the preparation of meals. Some of the more easy to grow are chives, oregano and thyme. However, if there are other herbs you would like to grow, check to see if your region will support them and then pick your favorites to plant and grow.

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