landscape design plansEnhance Your House With Landscape Design

Landscape design can be very overwhelming, especially if you do things all on your own. But by following some simple tips and ideas, you should end up with a gorgeous modern landscape design that is both functional and attractive.

Is your home in dire need of landscape design? Before you even start to begin with landscape design, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices and ideas on modern landscape design that you are faced with. But keep in mind that designing your outdoor space is pretty much like designing any room in your home.

Landscape Design Ideas For Beginners

  • Skyline and background trees are not only the frame or setting of your home; they can also add depth to the landscape. This is exactly why taller trees are used to rear a property while the smaller ones are placed in front.
  • For ease in maintenance, use low growing shrubs under your winders. It will have a pleasing effect once the shrubs naturally reach their ultimate height, with little need or even without pruning.
  • Use taller shrubs in between windows. When selecting shrubs, remember that plants with similar leaf textures go well together.
  • Do not expose so much foundation that your house ends up looking barren. On the other hand, do not overpower your home with so many plants.
  • Plant taller and larger plants or small trees beyond and slightly to the front from the corners. This will make your home appear larger. This should also soften your home’s vertical lines.
  • Set shrubs so that they are far away from the foundation. This will allow your plant to naturally grown on all sides. Check the drip line of the eaves. Also avoid planting in areas where shrubs can be bombarded by water falling from the roof.
  • Provide sufficient planting space around the whole house. If possible, keep those unnecessary walks 3 to 4 feet away from the foundation.
  • Deciduous trees do a good job of cooling the home during summer. They will also admit light during winter.

There are generally 3 areas in your home that need shade: northwest, southwest and southeast corners. Plant trees on at least a third of their entirety away from the foundation.

•    Avoid tall plants in the parkway or in the intersection of corner lots. Many local rules prohibit tall plants on parkways, although a ground cover or low shrubs is good enough to add depth.

•    Low porches that are merely a step or two above the ground mostly do not need to be bordered by shrubs. Often, very low shrubs or even a ground cover can already give the softening effect that it needs.

•    During the planning stage, make sure that you provide a convenient place for a service area screened from general view by fence, vines, or shrubs.

•    If there is a need, make sure that you provide enough play areas for children and pets.

Ask An Expert To Execute Your Landscape Design Plans

Keep in mind that initiating landscape design plans is never ultimately finished. From time to time, you will find yourself planting growth changes and occasionally functional demands that will require some minor alterations. Still, you will still need a blueprint for your original contemporary landscape design plans.

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