landscape designWhat Is The Current Landscape Design?

Similar to fashion, landscape design also comes with its own trends, ways and materials for homeowners to better utilize their outdoor areas. And with the growing popularity of extending living spaces to the outdoors, the quest for great landscape design ideas has only grown more crucial. And while there are several ways for you to properly express your personal style right in your yard, there are some new landscaping ideas that you might want to consider.

New Landscape Design Ideas

Native Plants

Take advantage of whatever is already growing in your area. This should help you achieve that beautiful growth in your yard. Landscape design ideas are now utilizing native plants for their heartiness, easy adaptability, and ease in blending in with the natural environment. A landscape design service should help you point out those plants that will work best for your place.

Drip Irrigation

With the continuing concerns over ensuring that natural resources are properly used, drip irrigation will give the perfect option for watering your plants without wasting water. These are generally installed by professionals, although you can make this a part of your DIY landscape design project if you are handy with tools. A drip irrigation comes with sprinkler lines that will drip water at the base of plants, rather than spraying large areas like the conventional sprinkler systems.


This is an innovative way to help families maintain the beauty of their yards while eating better. Rather than having a dedicated vegetable garden, plants like cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, and tomatoes are interspersed between other shrubs and perennials. A big advantage of this is that once the vegetables are finished with their growing season, they can be pulled out without interrupting the overall yard design.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Entertaining spaces in your yards remains to be a big focus on modern landscape design. Whether adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck, making yards accessible as entertaining areas will give families numerous options throughout the year. This year, wood decks are now replaced with outdoor kitchens, complete with lighting, grills, sinks, and refrigeration and are fast becoming very popular in landscape design plans.

LED Lighting

With an eco-friendly use of electricity, LED lights will do more than highlight areas of beauty in your outdoor space; it can also offer safety for those walking at night and prevent break-ins and theft. Also, LED lights are easy to maintain and is very effective in giving that final touch to your new landscaping. It is easy to install such lights, especially that replacements bulbs are widely available in the market today.


Contact Your Local Landscape Design Contractor

There are still so many other interesting trends in contemporary landscape design for this year. From vegetables in planting beds to complete outdoor kitchens to LED lighting, there are so many ways for you to improve your yard in 2013. Contact your landscape design contractor for more tips and ideas for your yard.

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