Before you start hacking away the wrong branches of your trees or the flowers off your shrubs, take a little time to get yourself more familiar with the different pruning styles necessary for a successfully pruned garden. From trees to shrubs, we’ve got your answers to Pruning 101.


Bayer advanced has some great tips when it comes to pruning trees. Knowing where or where not to cut is imperative to pruning.  One important thing to remember is to always cut small branches over bigger ones. The tree will heal much faster from smaller cuts than those that are larger.

Here are some tree pruning rules:

  1. If the branch is less than two inches in diameter, it’s alright to cut.
  2. For branches that are 4 inches in diameter (or bigger) only cut if there is a very good reason as the tree will take longer to heal.
  3. If the branch’s diameter is an in between size (2-4 inches) consider not cutting it, but if it must be done, it won’t harm your tree too much.


Pruning shrubs can be tricky. It is always best to start off with the dead or damaged branches to clear off the shrub and give you a better idea of what to work with next. Don’t cut them more than one third of its size, keep them as round as possible, and don’t forget  pruning the bottom of the shrub is necessary.  And of course, do not prune shrubs while they are blooming. Here are some tips on the right pruning times for your plants.

In general it’s best to call a professional for trees taller than 10 feet. It’s not only safer for the gardener attempting to prune the tree, but also for the tree itself. Good thing we are ready to help! Schroeder’s Garden Design is experienced and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Give us call to see how we can help you with pruning to keep your garden in beautiful shape.

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