As new trends emerge and your landscape becomes overgrown, an older home can look outdated and out of place. Think about giving them a bright new look by spicing things up with a landscape design makeover. This will definitely improve the overall appearance of your home and make your outdoor space a more welcoming place. Renovating your landscape may seem overwhelming at times, but it’s a rewarding project that will positively impact the use and value of your house. Start by deciding what style and look you want in your yard. If you need help visualizing, ask the opinion of a professional landscape designer for ideas and a landscape plan.

There are some things to consider with your landscape design. Fire safety is a huge concern, so you should plant fire resistant plant material and mulch for the

areas around your home. Junipers were used as plants for foundation in many older homes, but they should be removed because they are highly flammable. If your home is located in an area susceptible to wildfires, be sure to take extra care when updating your landscape design with fire safety in mind.

It’s also vital to incorporate water conservation into your new yard. Consider plants that don’t need a lot of water once they are established. A well-designed, efficient irrigation system, installed by trained landscape designers, is essential for water conservation and keeping healthy plants. Most of us have busy lives, and a low maintenance landscape design is crucial. Implement plants that can withstand hot climates, are slow growing, and require little pruning. Ask an experienced landscape designer to suggest the perfect plants for your yard and tell you how to care for them before choosing specific plants. Even though no yard is maintenance free, a well-planned landscape design can free up time working in the yard and allows you more time to enjoy it.

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