Planting your own vegetables in your garden is slightly different than planting a regular flower garden. Not only do they have certain specifications but they also provide you with a yummy reward! These These tips will get you on your way to delicious vegetables in no time!

Plot size is important, it will determine how much of certain vegetables you can plant. Don’t get carried away with excitement. Remember that planting too much of one vegetable can leave you incredible amounts of that produce. Your friends, family and neighbors can only take so many tomatoes. Plan for a desirable and manageable amount.

Now that you have the right plot size for you, which vegetables should you grow? That depends on what your garden allows for. Keep in mind that light and sun exposure are more than crucial in a great vegetable garden. Better Homes has a detailed list with information on every vegetable available, like the appropriate amount of sunlight and how high each plant will grow.

Don’t forget about those herbs! They are a great addition to any garden, especially a one full of vegetables. Herbs add a savory taste to your homegrown veggies and fill your garden with a great aroma.  These Smiling Gardener’s tips for herb gardening include picking varieties that are easy to grow and that are frequently used. His three suggestions for any garden are chives, oregano and thyme. It’s your garden, plant what makes you happiest!

If you need help landscaping your backyard to get optimum vegetable garden space, Schroeder’s Garden Design is here for you.  Give us a call for your complimentary consultation and you’ll be on your way to delicious and fresh produce literally right outside your door.

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