landscape design plansLandscape Design As Science

Landscape design or popularly known as landscaping is the science and art of modifying land features to make it more inviting and appealing. This can help solve any problems with aesthetics and even issues of privacy for homeowners. To come up with a great landscape design, you need to be a good observer and have an eye for design. You also should have the ability to combine nature and construction.

So if your home does not have a contemporary landscape design plans yet, perhaps it is time that you breathe some life in your yard. With an organized plan of height, color, texture and balance, you can very well come up with a DIY landscape design.

Tips On How To Have A Great Landscape Design

1.            Rather than immediately buying materials and decorations for landscaping, sit down and decide the things that you need to purchase first. Come up with a plan on how to go about the project

2.            Before you implement your landscape design ideas, consider first your current plants and home systems like pipes, gutters and roofing materials.

3.            Determine how you will use the spaces available. Put hedges to mute the sounds of traffic; include a play area for your children, or make space for outdoor parties and get-togethers.

4.            Know the amount of sunlight that is able to get into your property. This will have an effect on the kinds of plants that you plan to use.

5.            Visit your garden center and start your research for plants. Look for those that are appealing to you and will suit your style.

6.            Consider the climate in your area. This will help in picking the right plants that will survive in your area. Also consider sunlight, soil alkalinity, and wind direction and strength.

7.            Aside from plants, put accessories in your yard like lighting, decorative stones, urns and jars. You can also place a gazebo, bird baths, or water features.

8.            Give continuity in various areas of your landscape design plans by using anchor plants. Do this by repeatedly using the same shrubs to create a sense of unity on your plans.

9.            Add more beauty to your landscape with the use of flowering trees. You might want to use them as borders or surround them with flowering shrubs.

10.          Pick plants that have unique leaf textures to give a dramatic touch to your outdoor space. Choose shrubs with big leaves and colorful flowers.

11.          Create a more dramatic look with waterfalls, pond or any water feature. You can put stones or plants around it that will not cover its design.

12.          Rather than just plain concrete, make your walkways more beautiful with decorative pavers with the color and texture of your choice. Try placing some plants along these paths.

Contact Your Expert Landscape Design Professional

Surely, these simple tips will get you started on designing and decorating your outdoor space. But if you can’t do this on your own, call a landscaping design professional who will do everything for you.