Summer is a great time for gardeners; plants are in bloom and gardens are filled with colors. However, summer can also lead to some difficulties when it comes to maintaining one’s garden. During the hot summer months, some plants will thrice and others will struggle. At Schroeder’s Garden Design, we want to make sure you love your garden 365 days a year. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you keep your garden healthy this summer.

#1 Watering – Not surprisingly, watering is one of the most important tasks in maintaining your garden during the summer. Leo Lubke of MetroWNY says, “Vegetable gardens, most flowering plants, and lawns need about one inch of water every week. Plants need a real soaking, so be sure to water thoroughly and deeply each time you water. The soil should be moist at least 3 – 4 inches deep to make sure that the needed water is reaching the root zone.” Carry a trowel to monitor how deep the water has reached. Deeper watering will ensure that the roots are nourished and the soil doesn’t dry out. Be sure to concentrate on plants growing in containers, as well. These plants tend to dry out very quickly.

#2 Weeding – Weeds don’t grow as quickly in the summer, but they can spread and endanger other plants in your garden if you’re not careful. According to blogger John Clain, “Beating out the weeds before the developing of the seedheads will save work in the future. Just after light rainfall is the best time to do it as during that time the weeds can be pulled out very easily.” Weeding your garden regularly is the best way to ensure that fewer weeds will grow there.

#3 Let Your Lawn Grow – Summer is not the time to spend focused on your lawn. Flower Gardening Made Easy says, “Raise the mower setting to cut the lawn higher so it can better withstand hot, dry weather of at the height of summer. To save water if there are watering restrictions in your community, consider allowing your lawn to go dormant. It will green up again when the rains return.” Grass is very resilient, so even if you stop watering it, your lawn will be beautiful again as soon as there is more moisture in the air.

Maintaining your garden in the summer is very important. If you take great care of your garden during the hot months, it will wear the cooler months of fall and winter much better. Contact us today for if you have questions about how to keep your garden looking great.