gaden designA water feature can add everything from classical elegance to whimsy to your landscape. The system that delivers water to a grandly scaled water feature is actually not that much sophisticated than one used for a simple fountain pond. If your finances are not quite deep enough to bring life to the water garden of your dreams, plan ahead for expansion and buy whatever you can to start off. The sound of trickling water or the sight of goldfish should be enough to suffice until your dream is realized.

Mini-Ponds For Small Properties

Even an apartment or small house can incorporate a water feature in its design. A mini pond in a wooden barrel that takes up about as much space as a toilet is not exactly a grand fountain, but it is enough to pick up the water feature maintenance skills you will need once you try a larger project. Use your imagination for a container for your project if you cannot get a wooden barrel.

Multiple Depth Pond

A pond with multiple depths planned into its design is a water feature that will stimulate new ideas about which plants to use for decoration. Plants that can take the heat better can grow in the shallow water, while slightly deeper depths will become home to planters filled with hardier vegetation. Great plant suggestions beside the pond include azaleas and daffodils. For water plants, use water lilies, Dalmatian iris and horsetail. Populate your pond with a family of pond snails to keep your algae levels manageable. Keep in mind that the depth of the water fall will determine the sound it makes, so plan accordingly if you intend to fall asleep to the sound of trickling water.

Waterfall On Sloped Ground

Property that already features sloping ground is perfect for a waterfall design idea. Depending on the structure of your slope, you can even build a multi-level pond that your waterfall fills. Choose rocks, stones and boulders of different colors and shapes and arrange them as if they had just landed on your lawn courtesy of a volcanic explosion 100 miles away. Suggested plants that can be used to decoratively line the path of streaming water include creeping raspberry, evergreens, and Japanese maple.

Japanese Garden

Edge a natural pond on your property with bamboo shoots placed behind a row of rocks to create the feel of a Japanese garden. If you can work it into your electrical plan, a pagoda fountain strengthens the beauty and design of this water feature. Landscape with horsetail, lower-placed junipers, pickerel rush and plenty Japanese maple and you now have a place to come to for meditative relief from stress.

With some creativity, you can tweak some of these ideas to better suit your style. You might also want to research online for other ideas that better fit your outdoor space. If you find the above ideas too complicated, you can have a company specializing in landscape design Los Altos to do the work for you.