Summer is an amazing time of year. It drives away the winter blues and allowing spring to finally come into its own before the head and humidity begin to take their toll. The warmth and brightness brought on by the dawning of summer encourages everyone to get up and out of the house and enjoy the outdoors just a little more. If the summer weather has you contemplating new landscape design and installation or just freshening up what you already have, here are a few tips to consider…

Use Your Home As Your Anchor

Landscaping should be orchestrated to work in precise harmony with the style, color and materials comprising your house. Trees should be used to frame it, not to hide or overpower it and they should be trimmed accordingly to work in this pattern. Shrubs and flowers can also be strategically planted in order to focus attention on the front of the house. By utilizing a variety of plants to create curves and borders along the paths and walkways, you can focus on depth rather than simply looking at volume, creating a well rounded look to your home that compliments its design and features.

Start From Within and Work Your Way Out

The best way to begin planning your landscape is to start from within your house and look outward towards your lawn. Take time to observe it throughout the day so you’re able to appreciate the various angles and where the sunlight falls as the day passes by. Do you like the current view or are there things that would make it more appealing? Work on your design until you are as pleased with the view inside as you are outside. This will help you create something that you’ll cherish and enjoy and that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.

Make Careful Decisions

Landscaping is an involved process and can become expensive quickly. Take your time to plan the design of your landscape and compare prices among various nurseries before making your purchase. If you find yourself unable to buy it all at once, work with an expert in landscape design snd installation in order to create a budget and priority list of what should be bought first and in what order to make your home look its best.

Add Light to Your Landscape

Lighting is a critical part to the process. It’s not only beautiful, but is vital to help ensure safety in the evening once the sun has set. This is especially important around hard structures such as various decks and patios where people might trip or fall without proper illumination. While we don’t normally think of lighting as landscaping, good lighting will create an inviting glow, while providing illumination once the sun has gone down for the day. Most landscaping stores have lights for this and some even feature solar powered light for those wishing to help preserve the environment without sacrificing light in their yard.

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