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Ornamental grasses are central part when it comes to landscape design. They bring more color and vibrancy to any home. The use of the ornamental grass will definitely bring more value and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Weed Control

Cultivate around grass plants in order to regulate weeds. Application of mulch will significantly minimize the requirement for cultivation in addition to watering. It also has the tendency to keep grasses in check that have the possibility to become heavy reseeding types.

Water for Ornamental Grasses

Plants should be properly sprinkled the first season right after planting so they can produce a good root system. Matured plants do not need to have constant watering, but might require additional watering especially during the course of dry spell periods. The volume of water will certainly rely on the grass species, the size, the quality, the site, and the preferred growth rate.


Ornamental grasses usually call for pretty minimal levels of fertility. By trying to keep the level of nitrogen low, lodging or perhaps flopping over could be kept to a minimum. Leaf colour and vigour are reliable guides to nitrogen requirements. For every 100 square feet of garden space, applying of 1/2 to 1 pound of 10-10-10 is very ideal. During spring time, apply fertilizer as plant growth comes back during this time. Normally, a treatment of a gradual release fertilizer like Osmocote in the spring time is enough to deal with the plant’s requirements during the summer time. It is advised that fertilizer should be sprinkled in completely.


Division relies on the spacing and aesthetic appearance of the plants along with their total health. Plants that are struggling with die-out in the centre are ought to be separated to enhance the appearance. Division is normally done in the spring just before growth resumes or in the late summer or fall after the growing season. Plants that bloom late could be separated in the spring.

Winter Protection and Spring Clean up

Grasses do not actually have to be mown down prior to winter. As a matter of fact, they are are actually eye-catching whenever left standing and the foliage helps protect the crown of the plant. Cut back the leaves to approximately 4-6 inches in the early spring prior to growth resumes. When leaves are taken out, spring growth will definitely start earlier. Old foliage left behind on the plant can hamper the crown’s warming up and succeeding growth by as much as 3 weeks.

Use these tips for ornamental grasses any time