landscapingFront yard landscaping focuses more on the appearance of the whole property. It focuses on the overall image that the yard projects together with the house while the backyard landscape appeals more on the purpose, enjoyment, entertainment, and privacy of the living space. Thus, there is a big difference between the landscape design of the backyard and the landscape design of the front and other parts of the property. To help you decide which appearance you should adapt, take a look of the following thoughts:

The Question Of Purpose

The first thought that should be considered when making a backyard landscape design is the question of purpose. Why do you need your backyard landscaped? How will you use it? What activities should you consider in order to maximize the space of your backyard and make sure of the beauty of the landscape design? These questions, once answered will give you clear ideas as to what type of design you should have. The answers to these questions will also yield clearer ideas on the next thoughts.

The Floor Plan

As was said, the backyard landscape design should be based on necessity rather than appearance and appeal. Thus, the floor plan should be based on the necessity as well. Before drawing the floor plan, you must first list down your objectives. This way, you will know what elements you should put in your landscape design. Then, you can draw a sketch of your plan and make use of the available space for a particular purpose you have listed down.

The Wall

One important aspect of a backyard landscape design is the wall. This is the boundary that separates your property from the rest of the world. Walls serve as a protection and a provider of privacy, thus, it is often a fence with a considerable height. Since you must already have a concrete fence, all you need to add are living plants or other primary landscape elements such as trees and shrubs. Again, the use of a wall should be in line with the question of purpose. Are you putting a wall for privacy? Are you seeking for noise barrier? The answers to these questions will give you clear idea as to what type of wall you should use.

The Ceiling

Decide as to what type of ceiling you should use; whether it is a tree, a canopy, or a roof. The ceiling provides a good sense of solitude, calmness, and privacy.

Plant Selection

When it comes to choosing what type of plant you should buy, do not simply adapt those you can see at your front yard. Again, your backyard landscape design serves a different purpose from your front your landscape, and thus, your plants should be different too. In the front, plants are usually used to accent and/or frame the house. The backyard plants on the other hand frame a particular area or individual areas to hide unwanted areas, create solitude, and accent hardscape.

Other Elements

A backyard landscape is not complete without adding non-life elements such as rocks, marbles, soil, concrete structures, and fences. These, however, must not take over the whole backyard since they are just there to accentuate other elements of the landscape. Each of these has to blend with the real purpose of the backyard landscape, which is “purpose”.