Without having to consult an almanac or a groundhog looking for his shadow, we all know that winter is about to exit to allow the symphony of spring to begin. Cabin fever has set in, and many people are already looking forward to once again being outdoors.  Landscape design ideas are still a few months away from being implemented, but for many, the enthusiasm is building. 

Where do you start? There are so many components to planning a beautiful landscape design and installation that it can be challenging to identify step one.  Zone mapping, sun/shade requirements, space allotment, and many more elements will all play a significant part in the planning and development of a beautiful and functional outdoor presentation.

Whether you are updating an existing landscape that is healthy and still manageable or trying to make an oasis out of a barren wasteland, you can take a few simple steps that will help to make this a project you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Take a look at the space you intend to develop.  Before you start envisioning trees, shrubs, flowers, and other landscaping, ask yourself where you envision yourself, your family and friends.  Are there any hardscape areas that you would like to create, enlarge, or maybe even replace? Along with the hardscape, are there features such as fountains, fire pits, structures or play areas that you are considering?

Once you have considered these elements, consider your “ground level” conditions. Drainage issues, soil conditions, and sun and shade availability are just a few of the things to which you should be prepared to consider.  Measurements will help determine the necessary space for small plants and trees that will eventually be used to make more prominent, bolder statements. 

Based on the information you have compiled so far, decide what you want to plant in your landscape areas.  These selections may need to be compromised to allow for the conditions mentioned above.  Choose the things you like, but also keep in mind that you must allow for all elements involved.  This will affect the wants and needs list of what you had in mind. Take your time, using resources such as the internet, print publications, local greenhouses and even local landscapes that appeal to you when passing by. Draw sketches based on your house and allotted space. Erase and repeat—again and again

Does this sound a bit overwhelming and time-consuming? Take heart; there is a better way.  The professionals at Schroeder’s Garden Design are ready to take the guesswork and frustration out of any landscape project. They have years of experience and talented landscape design artists who will listen to your ideas and help you make them become a reality.  Your blank canvas will become a masterpiece of beauty, balance, unity, and harmony.  Their expertise will be evidenced in their selection of high-quality plants and trees, their knowledge of current design trends and mastery of landscape design artistry.  You will have a space that bids you to come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that reflect your style of living. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our locations in Los Altos, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Willow Glenn, CA or Los Gatos, CA. We’re confident we have a solution that’s right for your needs.