rose gardenHybrid tea roses are a delight to work with in landscape design. Planted at the beginning of spring, these are a bushy variety that only grows a single flower at the end of every stem. They have multiple blooms throughout the season and are very easy to care for. This landscape is for a rectangular area up against a garden window or wall. Only two kinds of plants are used here. You need to keep your rose garden simple as roses do not like competition. They only need a low-growing border plant to make them the star.

Tips On How To Put Your Own Rose Garden

1.    Clean out all the weeds and debris from your 10-by-15 area.

2.    Level the area using a steel garden rake, going first lengthwise and then width wise. This will guarantee a level grade to start with.

3.    Dig the middle rose hole using a round nose shovel and then measure with the tape measure 2 feet from the front and 7 feet from either side. Make the hole 2 to 3 inches bigger than the can all the way around.

4.    Dig the next rose hole and measure 5 feet from the front and 3 feet to the left of the middle rose. Notice the roses will not be in a line once finished; they will be staggered.

5.    Dig the last hole and measure 5 feet from the front and 3 feet to the right of the middle rose.

6.    Remove the roses from the can. If they are stuck, put the rose on its side and put your foot on the can, gently pushing down on it. Put the rose up right and gently pull. The rose should not slide out.

7.    Gently massage the sides and bottom of every root ball. This will spread them to go in all directions for vigorous root development.

8.    Put two to three handfuls of mulch in each hole, ensuring that this does not raise the base or crown of the plant above the grade. You might have to put a rose in every hole to check the level.

9.    Put all three roses in their respective holes, surrounding each of them with mulch. Mix the backfill soil in with mulch as you backfill the hole. Work in the mulch with your hand.

10.    Compact the soil around the three roses and water the roses in.

11.    Dig small 4-inch holes with your hand and make the hole 3 inches apart. These holes will be for the alyssum, a low-growing border plant. This grows on three sides of the perimeter. You do not need one on the house side.

12.    Plant the alyssum plant, mixing in some mulch with backfill as you did with the roses. Pat the soil around every small plant.

13.    Put your bird bath 2 to 3 feet behind the middle rose. Check the level of the bird bath using a leveler.

14.    With a wheelbarrow and shovel, spread 1 yard of redwood bark mulch throughout the area. This ground cover will keep weeds from growing.

Hire A Landscape Designer To Professional Results

While it should manageable to do this task on your own, you can also hire the expertise of a landscape designer to ensure a professional and high quality landscape design.