landscapingCars, heavy trucks and nearby businesses can create a cacophony of intrusive noise. Because there really is no way to move your home away from this racket. Using landscaping to reduce traffic noise can muffle the din to some extent. Landscaping incorporates the use of organic and inorganic elements to create a visually pleasing and functional outdoor design, but this can also create a quieter environment around your home.

Reduce Traffic Noise With Hedges

Hedges have long worked as a natural fence that will keep intruders out as well as create measure of privacy within a yard. Hedges also function to hide traffic on streets and actually muffle the sound of traffic noise. Sound-muffling hedges can be created from any kind of evergreen or flowering shrub. Pine trees are usually used along highways to muffle the sounds of trucks and cars at high speeds. One more benefit of hedge installation is the creation of a screen to block the road. Incorporating a hedge into your landscape breaks up the straight lines of a fence. Hedges also soften the overall look of the landscape, creating an attractive backdrop to frame your property. No one will know that the hedges exist to muffle loud traffic noise. Choose any number of plants including boxwoods or yew for consistent green foliage or honeysuckle or lilac for a more fragrant and colorful sound barrier.

Reduce Traffic Noise With Sound Barrier Walls

You might have seen sound barriers along a highway that passes through residential areas. Stone sound barriers are quite effective at muffling traffic noise. But before you freak out at the tough of installing a stone wall, consider this option as an integral part of your landscape design. A good blend of hardscape, like borders, stone, patio and decking, mixed with various softscape, like plants, will create a very balanced landscape design. It is perfectly acceptable to create a stone barrier wall along one side of your property, incorporating stone colors that complement your homeÕs exterior. Add a trickling stream or fountain to focus attention on this pleasant noise rather than the roar of cars and trucks happening in the background.

Reduce Traffic Noise With Fences

Fencing will give some measure of sound reduction for as long as the fence is made of more solid materials. Wood forms a very effective barrier, especially in the form of a stockade fence. Stockade fences will also completely block the sight of any cars, trucks or buses on the roads surrounding your home. This kind of fencing can be accented with lattice or curved tops to create a refined look while still functioning to block loud noises. Lower wooden fences will also muffle sounds but will not block the unsightly view. And plantings along the fence will also add to the muffling effect of the fencing, giving you an overall reduced traffic noise.

These are only a few of the many other landscaping ideas that you can employ in your home to reduce or even completely get rid of traffic noise. Contact a company specializing on landscape installation Los Altos to get your started.